This is from our Temple literature:

                   The Signs and "near death" experiences.

     There are two ways to see the Signs.  One is by Communing with
Yahweh, the Psychedelic, in this physical life.  The other is to
physically die, or to come near to physical death.  And since everyone is
going to physically die, everyone is eventually going to come to know the
     As the Koran says, (Surah III, 55):  "(and remember) when Allah said:
O Jesus! Lo! I am gathering thee and causing thee to ascend unto Me, and
am cleansing thee of those who disbelieve and am setting those who follow
thee above those who disbelieve until the Day of Resurrection.  Then unto
Me ye will (all) return, and I shall judge between you as to that wherein
ye used to differ."
     People who have had "near death" experiences reported seeing a "Light
of indescribable brilliance" which did not hurt their eyes. They also said
that the Light was clearly a Being which then Communicated with them. 
     Some of the things that these people said that the Light
said to them were:  "Are you ready to die?" "What have you done
with your life to show Me?"; "What have you done with your life
that is sufficient?"; "Is it worth it?".
   We have been Shown very clearly by Yahweh, the Psychedelic,
the Being of Light, that physical death is not the way to end
suffering, and that violence and anger is Condemned.  Committing
suicide does not end suffering and only leads to Condemnation and
rebirth physically.
     People who have had near death experiences from attempting
suicide have all reported that it didn't bring them anything but
more suffering. As one person said:  "If you leave here a
tormented soul, you will be a tormented soul over there too." 
That is, they found that the problems they had attempted suicide
to escape were still there when they "died", but were worse.  In
the death state they were unable to do anything about their
problems, and they also had to see the suffering they caused
to others from their act.
     A man who was depressed about the death of his wife shot
himself, "died", and was revived.  He said:  "I didn't go where
(my wife) was, I went to an awful place...I immediately saw the
mistake I had made...I thought, "I wish I hadn't done it."
     Others who went to this unpleasant place said that they had
the feeling they would be there for a long time, and that this
was the penalty for "breaking the rules".
     Some people who had "died" of causes other than suicide said
that while they were "dead" they were Shown that suicide was a
very wrong act for which there was a severe punishment.
     One person who had a near-death experience after an accident
said: "(While I was dead) I got the feeling that two things it
was completely forbidden for me to do would be to kill myself or
to kill another person..."  (from "Life after Life" by Raymond