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(Marijuana-Peyote-Morning Glories-LSD-DMT Psilocybin DPT)


       It is our belief that the origin of religion and spiritual awakening is the ingestion of Psychedelics.  People long ago came upon Mushrooms, Marijuana, Peyote, etc and had visions and experiences of this Higher Being.  In other words, the original followers of every true religion, such as Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, etc., believed that Psychedelics are the embodiment of God. This was and is the God of the ancient prophets and messengers.  This is the Light spoken of in scriptures and sacred texts.  The ancient Nahua tribe of Mexico had a word for Psilocybin mushrooms - Teonanacatl - which means God's Flesh.
       This Higher Being chooses messengers - and there have been many people who have fulfilled that role ( Moses, David, Elijah, Jesus, Mary, Vishnu, Uma, Gautama, Mohammed, Mani, Quetzacoatl).  They are alive again physically,  the crucifixion/exodus has happened again...the mystery has been revealed.
       We are Their Children and citizens of Their Realm.


I am writing to you about those who would deceive you
but the Oil you received from him remains within you
and you really need no teaching from anyone;
simply remain in him,
for his Oil teaches you about everything
and is true
and is no lie.
Remain in him
as his Oil has taught you to do.

                                                                                 -- 1 St. John 2,26

        Salvation does not come from the  darkness, (alcohol, cocaine, d.a.m., (diacetyl morphine), dishonesty,  violence, etc.).
        Our Eucharist is Dipropyl Tryptamine, a very powerful Angel of the Host,  closely related to Psilocybin.