I allow you, monks, to suffuse with a heart of love these four great snake families for the warding of self, for the guarding of self, for the protection of self:
                    -- (Anguttara-nikaya)

For the footless my love,
My love for the bipeds,
For the four-footed my love,
My love for those with many feet.
Let not the footless do me harm,
Nor those that have two feet,
Let not the four-footed ones me harm
Nor those with many feet.
All creatures, all breathers,
All beings and everything -
May they all see good fortune,
May none come to evil.
6,31,13: At that time a great number of Niganthas (running) through Vesali, from road to road and from cross-way to cross-way, with outstretched arms cried: "Today Siha, the general, has killed a great ox and has made a meal for the Samana Gotama; the Samana Gotama knowingly eats this meat of an animal killed for this very purpose, and has thus become virtually the author of that deed (of killing the animal)!"
    Then a certain man went to the place where Siha, the general, was. Having approached him he said to Siha, the general, into his ear: "Please, Lord, have you noticed that a great number of Niganthas (running) through Vesali, . . . ?"
    "Do not mind it, my good Sir. Long since those venerable brethren are trying to discredit the Buddha, the Dhamma, and the Sanggha; and those venerable brethren do not become tired of telling false, idle, vain lies of the Blessed One. Not for our life would we ever intentionally kill a living being."
                 -- (Vinaya-pitaka.)