From the Zend Avesta (Din Yast):

"We sacrifice to the most right Kista1, made by Mazda 
and holy: we sacrifice to the good Law 
of the worshippers of Mazda...

To whom the holy Hvovi2 did sacrifice with full 
knowledge, wishing that the holy Zarathustra would 
give her his good Bhangha3, that she might think 
according to the Law, speak according to the Law, 
and do according to the Law." 

1 Goddess of Religious Knowledge
2 the wife of the Prophet Zarathustra
3 from a footnote in the Max Mueller translation: "Bhangha; the
so-called Bang of Zoroaster. What must have been its virtue may be
gathered from the legends of Gustasp and Arda Viraf, who are said to 
have been transported in soul to the heavens, and to have had 
the higher mysteries revealed to them, on drinking from a cup 
prepared by the prophet, or from a cup of Gustasp-bang."
    From the New Century Dictionary: bhang (bang), n. [Hind., Skt. 
bhanga, hemp] The Indian Hemp plant, (see under hemp); also, a 
preparation of the leaves and capsules, used in India (by smoking or
swallowing) Cf Hashish