God's Flesh

When the Aztecs, a nomadic and primitive group, arrived in the Mexican Valley, the Nahuas were already there.  The last of the Toltec civilization, the Nahuas were much more advanced than the Aztecs and had a religion based on the spiritual values of Quetzalcoatl.

A Spaniard, Sahagun, who studied the Mexican culture in the 16th century had this to say regarding the Toltecs:  "They had great experience and knowledge: They knew the quality and virtues of the herbs, and they left marked and known those that nowadays are used for healing, because they were also physicians and essentially the first in this art ... They invented the art of interpretation of dreams, and were so learned and wise that they knew the stars of the sky, had named them and knew their influences and qualities ... The said Toltecs were lovers of virtue..."

The Nahua tribe of Mexico had a religious belief in Psilocybin Mushrooms.  The word used for Them was "Teonanacatl" which meant "God's Flesh".